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In 1724, Asif Jah, a Turkic general and Nizam al-Mulk of the Mughals in the Deccan region, decided to secede from the crumbling Mughal Empire, with the intention of founding his own dynasty in the Deccan and decided to make Aurangabad his capital.

His son and successor, Nizam Ali Khan Asaf Jah II transferred his capital from Aurangabad to Hyderabad in 1763.

It is the 5th most populous city in Maharashtra after Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Nashik.

52.5% of Aurangabad's population is in the 15–59 years age category.

The lava flows are horizontal and each flow has two distinct units.

The upper layers consist of vesiculara and amygdaloidal zeolitic basalt while the bottom layer consists of massive basalt.

Within a decade, Khadki grew into a populous and imposing city. He was succeeded by his son Fateh Khan, who changed the name of Khadki to Fatehnagar.

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Islam is the second most popular religion in the city with 361,817 people (30.79%) following it.Around 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.The Marathi and Hyderabadi Muslim communities are the two largest ethnic groups in the city.The lava flows are overlain by thin alluvial deposits along the Kham and Sukhana river.

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The basaltic lava flows belonging to the Deccan Trap is the only major geological formation occurring in Aurangabad.The lowest recorded temperature was 2 °C (36 °F) on 2 February 1911.